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Florzinha #0583

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Pose - [SC] Say Cheese - The Mistletoe Kiss @ Roselline

Look 1 ►

Head - *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE

Body - Body - Bad Seed Bebe Body 

Sweater - [M] Bebe Oversized Sweater (Fitted) - Noir @ Roselline

Socks - :BoWillow: Mix & Match Socks (L) Bebe - Cars @ Roselline
             :BoWillow: Mix & Match Socks (R) Bebe - Red

Look 2 ►

Head - *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE

Body - ~ToddleeDoo - Baby (v.4.0.8 FITTED)

Set - *Cherry Tot* BEBE/ TDB Yume Outfit Peach @ Roselline

Boots - {T.T} Bunny Slipper Boots @ Roselline

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Florzinha #0582

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My Look ►

Head - *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE

Body - ~ToddleeDoo - Baby (v.4.0.8 FITTED)

Set - {L.F.C} Outfit Zoe White @ Roselline

Motorcycle - BLUSH - Motorcycle Vintage 102 MS 1968 - #Rare 12 Color TD Baby @Thimble

Look Teen ►

Set → Did you like this look? click here and see where you get it!! ♥

Motorcycle - BLUSH - Motorcycle Vintage 102 MS 1968 - #11 Baby Pink Adult @Thimble

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Florzinha #0579

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Head - *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE

Eyes - Muriel. Expressive Eyes - Hazel (Dilated)

Cookie - 11.Yokai - Frosty taste - Vanilla Cookie (nut) Gacha @SaNaRae Event

Body - ~ToddleeDoo - Baby (v.4.0.8 FITTED)

Crop - :BoWillow: Miranda Crop  @Color Me Cute 

Ice Cream - 1.Yokai - Frosty taste - Sweet Seal Gacha RARE @SaNaRae Event

Skirt - :BoWillow: Miranda Skirt - Black @Color Me Cute 

Decor ►

Tree - {YD} My Christmas tree - Colorful Gacha RARE @Limit8 Event

Train -  {YD} The train of Bears  @Sense Event

terça-feira, 27 de novembro de 2018

Florzinha #0578

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Look 1 ►

Head - *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE

Body - ~ToddleeDoo - Baby (v.4.0.8 FITTED)

Jacket - [m] snowsuit jacket: Gacha Rare @The Play Room

Pants - [m] snowsuit pants: blue Gacha @The Play Room

Tee - [m] snowsuit tee: Gacha rare @The Play Room

Boots - [m] winter boots: white Gacha @The Play Room

Look 2 ►

Head - *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE

Body - Bad Seed Bebe Body V 2.0

Coat - [M] Bebe Madeline Capelet Coat (Fitted) - Meringue @Color Me Cute 

domingo, 25 de novembro de 2018

Florzinha #0577

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Look 1  ►

Head - *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE

Body - ~ToddleeDoo - Baby (v.4.0.8 FITTED)

Set - [Vk!] Paloma Set Red @Thimble

Look 2 ►

Head - *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE

Body - ~ToddleeDoo - Baby (v.4.0.8 FITTED)

Set -  {L.F.C} Angeline DRESS MUSTARD @Sense Event

Look 3 ►

Head - *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE

Body - ~ToddleeDoo - Baby (v.4.0.8 FITTED)

Set - [FLORAISON] Autumn breeze set BROWN  @Color Me Cute 


-{Dollheart}- -{STATUS}- -Organic- -Organical- Event -Ragamuffins- : *Baby* : :: Little Mint :: ::C'est la vie !:: Group Gift ::Doce Dengo:: ::MD:: :BoWillow: . {BabyBurp} . . Blush . . Little Fox . . tiptoes .::Little Clover::. .::Pestinhas::. .::Supernatural::. .:(CK):. ..::HOuSe of ZION::.. ..:Sprinkled:.. .{Moss&mink}. .{Recess}. .BASIL. .ButtonStache. .click. .hunny bunny. {xoxo} Poses .In The Moment. ~ .In The Moment.Families. .little. .tiny cakeZ. .trinket. .Whimsical. Event .Wishes. ""D!va"" (Enfer Sombre*) [^.^Ayashi^.^] [ELODIE] [FLORAISON] [iK01] [Jester Inc.] [Khaleesi] [KUNI] [LOVE SOUL] [Made With Love] [Maple] [monso] [moon unicorn] [OUATB] [Rayna's Closet] [Reese's pieces poses [REZ] [SKL] [Toasty] { Bellybean } { Bowtique & Beyond } Gacha { Daisy Chains } { Sugar & Spice } {:Moose:} {.: DollFace :.} {.Sweethearts.} {Baby Bug's Shapes} {Baby Bugs} {BABY FOX} {BabyFox} {Bad Seed} {Beary Little} {Blubb} {Blumbli} {Clove} {Confetti Poses} {Criss} {Enchanted Poses} {Fawn Kisses} {Glazed Honey} {Juniper} {Kitten Kisses} {Limerence} {Lula Belle} {Mesky Me} {momo} {moss&mink} {MurMur} {Petite Bowtique} {Petite Poses} {Polished} {SC} {SJ} {tiny gems} {Tiny Trinkets} {xoxo} Poses {Your Dreams} @Ninety-nine Event * {.:Little Stars.:} * * AR * *. emm *{(Konpeitou)}* ***BABY TEEN FASHION*** **Afro Baby** **DoRks** **SN~ *2 AM* *AR* *Candy-Stars* *Cherry Tot* *CMK* >Milia< *CutieCakes* *llb* *LMC* *PAN* *S*W* *TKW* /Wasabi Pills/ +elua+ +Half-Deer+ ~ Buttons & Bows ~ ~{Baby Girl}~ ~*BC*~ ~*Buglets*~ ~*larnia*~ ~*Sweet Tots*~ ~*Twin Beauty*~ ~Lazo ~Miele~ ~ToddleeDoo ~Unicorn Princess~ Along the Boardwalk AMITOMO Aphrodite ATP Event BabiiGlam BABY Faces Baby Ghee Bad seed BananaN Bang! Banjour Bebe Event Bashful Basically Bratty Kids BBK Beau Bebe Bebe Body Grand Opening Bee Designs Bloom: Springtime Market Blues. Blush Bonjour Bebe Event BoOgErs Boomerang Bossie. BOX BREAUX Breaux Jr. Candy Crunchers Candy Fair Candy Kids Event Candy Made CandyMade Catwa Chantilly Lace Charmant Petit CMYK// Color Me Cute Event Connor's Corner Cosmopolitan Event DaeDreamz Dandelions Unite Dats Mine! Dead Dollz Delore . Doe EFM Enchantique. Enchantment Event ENIIPose Entice Epicene Epiphany equal10 ERSCH Event Fair FaMESHed Fiddlesticks Frimon Store FrouFrou FUNK-O-RAMA Gacha Gacha Guardians GachaLand Gift Glamour Kids Event Grabbry Hands Event Group Gift Gypsy Heart HauTe Tots* Heart Homes Hello Beautiful Hunt Into the Woods Gacha jak&jilly Junk Food Just Peachy Kawaii Project Kid to Kid Event Kidcrate Kids Kids-Limited Killi's Kinky Event Kokoro Poses Koukla KURENAI Kuriko Kwon store La Petite Jolie LAGOM Lazy Unicorn LBw LeeLee's Littles LeMomo Lemon Chilliz Limit8 Little Cakes Little Doe Little Dreamer Little Events Little Friend Poses and clothes Little Wardrobe Llama Inc LootBox Lost & Found LOTUS. LTTL SMLL STYL Event m i r r i Magika Maitreya MaPetit Maple Avenue Marketplace MayBerry MICHAN MILO Mosquito's Way Muriel My Cute dragonfly Myrrine N21 NACH NamiiChu ND/MD Nimble Ninety-Nine Ninety-Nine Event No Rares Notice me senpai NRs! Ohai. Ohana Inc. Okinawa Summer Festiva On9 Event Once Upon A Child Event Oppa Organical- Event OTB! Out of The Box! p.o.s.e. Paper Damsels Peaches 'n Cream. Blush Pewpew! Phedora ~ PINKRANGER PocketGacha Poket Gacha Poses 1100 Posies pr!tty Prism Event Pumpkin Hill Raindale Rare Rewind Rewind Event ROMP: Elegant Kink Roselline Event Salem Event Sammich Fixins Sanarae Sanarae Event Santurday Sala Say Cheese Secret Fair Designer Secret Harmony Event SENSE Event Sev7n Event Sherbert Shiny Shabby Shop Hop Skin Fair Snowy Village Snowy Village Events So Silly So Sweet Sophy Boo Splendore Kids Spoop-a-Doop Halloween Event Sprinkles Sprinkles. Sugarhaii Sweet Angel Sweet Baby Tannenbaum Tentacio Tesoro The Chapter Four The Arcade The Brick Lane Gacha Fair The Chapter Four Event The Crystal Heart The Epiphany The Fantasy Collective The Fantasy Faire The Gacha Garden The Gacha Gardens The Gacha Guardians The Guardians The Imaginarium The Imaginarium Event The Kids Depot. The Liaison Collaborative The Little Market The Once upon a Nightmare. Panic of Pumpkin in Okinawa 2017 The Play Room The Point The Season Story The Season's Story The Seasons Story The Secret Hideout The Spunky Monkey The Spunky Monkey! The ToddleeDoo Fair The Toddleedoo Winter Fair The Trunk Show Thimble Event TLC To the Moon and Back Toddleedoo ToddleeDoo Halloween Collection Tous Les Enfants Event tram Trés Chic TrunkOrYreat TRUTH HAIR Turnips Twinkle Star hunt Uber Ultra Event Unicorn Cupcake Up Event Valderie Vicarious Youth Vintage Fair viscon Viv.a Kids Wasabi We♥RP Event WildFlowes Willowvale Xuxu Yellow Jellow Yokai yumyum